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5 Key Initiatives for IT Decision Makers in Higher Ed for 2024

Higher education institutions often need to pivot to dynamic market changes and evolving technology. Financial volatility, demographic challenges, and the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence pose several challenges to these institutions. 

But the evolving technology can also be used to their benefit. Information Technology (IT) plays an integral role in harmonizing organizational goals with such an evolving landscape.

LabStats is a market-leading tool for computer lab hardware management and computer lab software management. Empowered with real-time insights, you can track hardware and software usage across your campus to make data-driven decisions and serve student demand efficiently. 

We've compiled this ebook for a first-hand analysis of how higher education institutions are keeping up with industry-changing trends.  

What does the ebook Include?

·        Aligning IT infrastructure with campus-wide student demands;

·        Making data-driven decisions for resource optimization and allocation;

·        Maximizing agility to optimize budget constraints;

·        Prioritizing innovation in an ever-changing world; and

·        Leveraging AI and emerging technologies to support core initiatives.


Tools for the Data-driven IT Professionals

Without monitoring your IT assets, you won't be able to align available resources with student needs. LabStats eliminates this challenge with real-time data on what your students need the most. Higher education IT professionals can also eliminate redundant hardware and software across campus for efficient resource utilization.

Download the ebook and learn how emerging trends and technologies can be a catalyst rather than a barrier. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to for a free trial with

LabStats today.


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